Solar Panel Özel Enerji Camları Soğuk Kısım Üretim Hatları

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Solar Panel Özel Enerji Camları Soğuk Kısım Üretim Hatları
Fotoğraf Galerisi

Lines of solar panels fully integrable in lines producing float/patterned glass, new or already existing at Customer’s premises for a quick, versatile and uninterrupted feeding of any size of plates to be processed, which allows reducing times, costs and resources required for handling and stocking packs of plates in the workshop.

Robot islands
Thanks to anthropomorfous robots with extra flexible suction cup frames, controlled by top advanced software it is possible, for every single area, to select and execute in few minutes, according to the present needs, different processing operations such as: squaring, rotation, unloading on rack, temporary buffering or loading of plates on line.

Special systems of plate transfer with frames that can be moved up, suitable for assembling in convoys plates shorter than 1000 mm in “portrait” configuration and transfer to the following processing islands.

New generation maintenance-free conveying systems expressly developed for putting together lightness, resistance and reliability requirements, still meeting the Customer’s needs.

Plate unloading islands with possibility of take over or under the glass transport level by means of robots gathering speed, versatility and accuracy required when carrying out the take movements

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