Kaplamalı Cam Üretim Hatları

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Kaplamalı Cam Üretim Hatları
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Special systems of plate transfer with frames that can be moved up, suitable for application in small workshops of “U-shaped” plants that usually require wide areas.

Conveying systems perfectly timed for the transport of glass plates to the unloading zones in those spots required by the Customers, in order to meet their needs and to follow the plant lay-outs.

Once coated, the glass plate surface shall not be touched anymore, in order not to cause unwished marks and not to damage the treatment. Bottero has therefore designed this special type of unloaders for plate take under the glass transport level, especially suitable for this type of handling, without damaging the laid coating.

Easy-to-use line, thanks to innovative softwares fully developed in Bottero, intervention of the operator strictly bound to safety reasons, production statistics displayed in real time: these are only a few of the features of control systems, result of a continuous evolution.

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