Ayna Üretim Hatları

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Ayna Üretim Hatları
Fotoğraf Galerisi

2-side unloader for taking PLF, DLF-plates or pairs of DLF plates in “portrait” configuration in the same time for a versatile and quick feeding of lines.

Tilter 180° to turn the laying side of plates. Plates, after the chemical coating on their upper side are turned in order to inspect them.

Paper laying machines
Machines for unwinding and laying of paper layers in order to avoid the surface or direct contact between glass plates once they have been unloaded.

Manual unloading
Possibility of manual unloading of “non standard” sizes, thanks to special tilting frame conveyors, driven directly on line by the operators.

Easy and intuitive man-machine dialog, display and control on monitor of all phase of the processing cycle, on-line machine control and auto-diagnostic always ON are some of the main features of our softwares, designed taking into account all operators’ needs.

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