Take-Out Arm Sistem

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Take-Out Arm Sistem
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Ramsey Take Out Arms and Retrofit Kits

Ramsey Take Out Arms (TOAs) and TOA retrofit kits utilize high performance RPV silent chain and sprockets to greatly extend TOA life and dramatically reduce maintenance costs. With Ramsey TOAs, drive life is often more than 10 times that provided by heat sensitive, elastomeric belts and the need for frequent TOA adjustment is virtually eliminated.

Ramsey Take Out Arms :

Ramsey Take Out Arms are complete drive solutions, avaliable to fit most IS machine designs. Because they are designed with high performance RPV chain and sprockets, Ramsey TOAs are often more compact than TOAs from other manufacturers and offer superior performance on today's high speed, IS machines.

Ramsey Retrofit Kits :

Ramsey Retrofit Kits allow Take Out Arms from other manufacturers to be converted to RPV silent chain drives and provide an economical alternative for customers that wish to improve the performance of existing TOAs. Kits are avaliable to convert TOAs from most major manufacturers. Optional shear pin designs are also available to protect against drive overloading.

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